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Toro 525

The Toro TX525 Narrow Track Compact Utility Loader with Kubota® diesel engine possesses the versatility to handle countless jobs on every site: dig, haul, plant and build. Designed with workers in mind and with exclusive easy-to-use TX control system and the walk-behind design, the TX compact utility loader makes productivity a snap for all levels of operators. A two-stage, heavy-duty, remote air cleaner is contained under the hood, so it is not prone to damage and sight lines are not impaired. The Toro tracked TX525 compact utility loaders are the most versatile, reliable and hardest working on the Australian market.


25 hp Kubota® diesel


The tracks are Kevlar reinforced, endless rubber rings with 28 internal drive lugs. The outer tread on the tracks is a turf-friendly S-shaped pattern with pitched crosscuts.

Track Width

14.9 cm

Fuel Capacity

22.7 Litres

Ground Speed

Forward: 0-7.2 km/h, Reverse: 0-3.2 km/h 


Length: 233.7 cm with bucket, 180 cm without bucket
Width: 85.6 cm 
Height: 117.1 cm

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