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240 Centre Dandenong Road Cheltenham, Victoria
Phone: (03) 9583-5969

Convenience: Baycity Rentals work with the aim to provide maximum level of convenience to their clients. Therefore, you can visit their store whenever you find yourself in need of hiring Tools or Equipment.

Customer Service: No matter what you hire from Baycity, they provide reliable customer service so that you do not face any problems regarding the product or its functionality.

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Trencher Hire Melbourne

Equipment Hire Parkdale

> Excavator hire Parkdale      Bachoe Hire Melbourne                               

Scaffold hire Parkdale    Scaffolding hire Melbourne                  

Sander hire Parkdale       Floor Sanding Equipment for hire

> Scissor lift hire Parkdale      Melbourne Scissor lifts

> Heater hire Parkdale         Heating Equipment Hire

> Bobcat hire Parkdale               Skid steer hire Melbourne

> Lift & Shift hire Parkdale     Forklift Rentals Melbourne

> Safety equipment hire Parkdale       Roofing harness kits for hire

> Dingo hire Parkdale             Mini digger Rentals Melbourne

> Jackhammer hire Parkdale   Tile removing jackhammer for hire

> Ladder hire Parkdale    Ladder and Trestle Hire Melbourne

> Tool hire Parkdale           Demo Saw Hire Melbourne

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