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Phone: (03) 9583-5969

Phone: 9583 5969

240 Centre Dandenong Road
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With construction works around the Bayside and Kingston areas increasing with rapid speed, the importance of different types of tools is also on a record high. However, it has been noticed that in many cases, the speed of construction work has experienced a sudden halt due to the absence of appropriate materials and tools. This is the primary reason why experts consider the access to proper equipment hire as an added advantage during the construction, as well as, renovation works.

Baycity Rentals is one of the largest family owned and opperated Equipment Rental Companies based in Cheltenham, Melbourne, Baycity Rentals offers a huge range of different types of tools and equipment to not only the largest construction companies, but also for DIY and home improvement needs at affordable daily, weekly and long term hire rates. Therefore, call in for friendly advise on the right tools for the job

About our business

  • Standard and Performance: Baycity Rentals are not ready to compromise with certain things like the standard and performance of the tools. All Equipment in stock is checked at regular intervals, to ensure nothing but high standards and performance.
  • Condition and Maintenance: Inappropriate or lack of maintenance might damage even the best constructional tools and equipment. Baycity Rentals have kept this fact in mind, and all the tools offered by them are well-maintained. Moreover, even before putting equipment in service, management ensure that it is in excellent working condition. This is done to maximize customer satisfaction.
  • Convenience: Baycity Rentals work with the aim to provide maximum level of convenience to their clients. Therefore, you can visit their store whenever you find yourself in need of hiring tools or equipment.
  • Customer Service: No matter what you hire from Baycity, they provide reliable customer service so that you do not face any problems regarding the product or its functionality.

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What we do

6 Reasons to Hire from Baycity Rentals

  1. The prices are very competitive
  2. Choose from hundreds of the latest tools and equipment
  3. Delivery service - On time every time
  4. Technical and customer care professionals, who are not only competent, but also reliable
  5. Over 45 years experience in the industry
  6. A family owned and operated company

Therefore, visit Baycity Rentals

Contact us  call us now 03 9583 5969 for a free quote.

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